I’m not a bad person…….

(Outlook on the world… bit like a book really…)

As part of my course I have to attend four coaching sessions (where I am the coachee.) I get to choose what I want to be coached about and I decided I would like to be coached about something fun. Something creative, something lovely. So I told her my big want. I told her I wanted to write a book and would she coach me about that. Well, she was very excited and encouraging.

(Some books written by people who started….)

Unfortunately, what I hadn’t anticipated was that once I told her, then I would probably have to do it! Not because she’d make me, or force me, but because she’d hold me accountable….. far worse. So everything was going well, and it was time to decide if I really wanted this, Yes, from me, and so what’s the first step, from her. I adventurously (or foolhardily) said, Start writing.

(Nice blank wall…. like my note book….)

My coach is quite good at this coaching lark and she was very encouraging and just a little pushy, Fantastic, and when will you start writing? As you have possibly been following my complaints about how much work I have to do related to this course, you may know…… I have no time to start writing! But… it was a good first step and I do want to write a book. So what popped out of my mouth was, I’ll get up everyday at 6.30am and write until 8.30am. And didn’t she grab her pen and write my words down (in case I forgot….)

That was eleven days ago and I’ll be seeing her in three days and I didn’t get up and I haven’t started writing……

This was supposed to be lovely and creative and fun, Mairead.