One small notebook, please

(Mushrooms in the rain)

I have had the most amazing day, full of ideas for blogs. I have been on the Dart (train) most of the day. Went into  two coffee shops, one hotel, four clothes shops and a magazine shop. I overheard great conversations. I saw very interesting people, for whom I made up little stories.

(Can you spot the hidden duck?)

Just one small little problem…… I can’t remember any of the interesting ideas….. or the stories or even the conversations. (I do remember two of the women, one used to change the subject every time her friend started to complain about something! It was mightily effective!)

(Gateway to a bright future….)

But the ideas…. they sort of floated in and then out again and because they were so interesting I thought I’d never forget them. I was wrong, I forgot. So I’m in the market for a small notebook that fits into my bag, is light and has a pen attached.

Ideas? Mairead.