Crazy thinking

(Roundabout Ahead)

I’ve been working on another book review. This book is called Loving What Is by Byron Katie. I’ll share the review here when its finished. In the meantime, I like one thing about it so much I’ll tell you now. The interpreter….

(Walk the line)

So it’s like this… somewhere in our brain some stuff happens and the easiest way to explain it is to liken it an interpreter, someone who translates from one language to another to assist communication. The one in our brain is not translating languages (unfortunately, as that would be very helpful to me). Our interpreter in our brain interprets what’s happening in our lives and turns it into an easy to understand story with the message, “I’m in control”.

(This is not a meccano crane…..)

Unfortunately……  and this is very unfortunate, sometimes the interpreter has to fabricate some details of the story (i.e. it tells lies!) to make the control message work. It’s very unfortunate because we always think the story is completely true! And we start getting very, very irritated, angry and annoyed at the people (family, friends, anyone really) in the (made up) story. Of course the book comes up with a solution, which I’ll explain in the review (coming soon).

In the meantime, is anyone annoying you at the moment? Mairead.