(Almost finished – one of the wall-hangings)

I’ve been playing today. As soon as the success team meeting finished this morning I ran off to find some playthings. This used to happen once every year since my teens. I’d get a mad craving to make something. So I would make my way as quickly as I could to the wool shop and buy needles, a patterns and beautiful coloured wool. In the beginning the patterns were for jumpers, more recently they’re for small decorations.

(Pinking shears edge)

The patterns became less time consuming because I came to realise the most fun part was the start and if a project took longer than the fun part it became a chore. This year I bought a pattern for bunting – small triangles, make ten or one hundred, either means you’ve completed the pattern. Perfect. Fun.

(Friendly plastic and cutters)

Today’s play involves scraps of material (yum) cut with a pinking shears (scissors with zig-zag edge) and then little melted friendly plastic pieces sewn on. I haven’t got to the sewing on part yet and I have only completed making one set of the plastic pieces but it’s still fun so I anticipate finishing it!

If it’s no longer fun, it could be time to stop doing it, Mairead.