I’m back!

(Yummy wool)

Whew, that was a long break and I missed my little blog-time ritual. Sitting on the armchair with the leg rest engaged, ignoring the cats, husband, son, dinner, doorbell and lots of other stuff and just waiting to be inspired. It’s good to be back.

(Big creative mess…… sigh)

To celebrate, yesterday morning I put loads of craft stuff on the kitchen table and invited two friends to come and play! We had a lovely time… Well, I had a lovely time (I think they had too!). So much so I’m thinking of starting creative play sessions and the only criteria is that you don’t think you’re creative! A lot of people don’t think they’re creative so they steer clear of anything that seems even slightly arty or crafty or even has the word creative attached to something else… like creative writing, creative dance, creative budgeting (!)

Yesterday two “I’m not creative” people created beautiful stuff. Is it a miracle? Nope, it turns out we’re all creative! Isn’t that great?

(String, paper and beads, what else is there?)

So, who wants to come and play at the Creative Play for “I’m not Creative” People sessions? Mairead.

PS May need to shorten the name…..