Knitting and Stitching and Glueing and Stamping and Beading and Walking.

(We’ve arrived!)

Ok I’ve been walking for hours, I’m exhausted. May not last until dinner (cooked and served by someone else, joy). So this’ll be short and sweet. I’m at the Knitting and Stitching Show.

(Our new address for the night)

Beautiful colours and textures everywhere. It seems like hundreds of stands. Demonstrations and classes for everything from doodling to felting and christmas tree decorations to hats. I’ve booked two classes for tomorrow….. one is called Drawn Together. The description on the ticket says “come and experiment…make space in fabric by removing threads and pulling warp and weft to leave gaps for new threads, materials or found objects…” sigh, sigh, beautiful…… I may not be able to sleep tonight with the excitement, and trying to work out what it means.

(This is my favourite mother-in-law, Eilish)

The other class is called Upcycling with a description, “explore textural contrasts…. use simple hand stitching….have fun with the original construction of well-loved old fabrics…” sigh x 3, still no idea what that means, don’t care and can’t, can’t wait. It’s at 11am tomorrow and is probably significant….11am on the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year their century!

Must rush, have to practice my doodling, Mairead.