Just a few more days….

(Breakfast on Friday morning…. coffee)

There’s bits and pieces of paper everywhere. There are magazine articles piled high. There are books, half read, half open in bundles on the floor. I’m coming to the end of my course and there’s just a few more things to do, to write, to validate, to record, to print, to collate. What have you learned, what do you know, what will you do with what you have learned and what you know?

(Work in progress….)

It’s too soon to answer completely but I do know some more things about myself….. I like writing every day and I miss it when I stop. I love to make stuff and it’s good for me. Deadlines are really horrible but really useful….. from now on I’m going to set my own. And finally….. I can’t wait to get back to the coffee shops!

Almost done, Mairead.