The Notebook

(My notebook…. not finished yet)

At the knitting and Stitching Show last weekend I learned how to make a notebook cover from scraps of old material. I have always liked patchwork quilts and one of the reasons is the different materials. So I was drawn to this project. And I loved it.

(The stitches aren’t even…… and that’s ok!)

The teacher is a textile artist and I was hooked from the moment she said, “you can measure the material by eye”. Nothing after that was difficult… I couldn’t get it wrong…. I could look at the material and at the notebook and snip away at the material until it felt  right for the notebook. With patterns you usually have to measure, then there’s all the adding of something called the seam allowance and the keeping it square and generally a lot of boring stuff before the sewing starts. And the sewing (along with the finishing) is the best bit, I want to get straight to that.

(There’s a button to keep it closed…. look at the coloured thread in the button holes….that was accidental)

So now I’m thinking that if I can do everything I do by eye it might be useful…… no measuring, no comparing…..

Feels good to me, Mairead.