Embracing the groceries

(On table in Avoca cafe Dublin)

I finally got to bring the recycling to the recycle centre. It’s been three months, there was a lot…. We do get our recycling collected with the normal rubbish but they don’t take plastic. So we store it in the larder and once a month go to the recycling centre. Until today I considered this a chore, but today I noticed how satisfying it is to have the floor space.


And that made me think about the grocery shopping…. I also always think about grocery shopping as a chore but recently I have had to fit it in early in the morning or at the last minute when there was no food left in the house. And it’s just dawned on me that treating grocery shopping as an afterthought is not much fun. (Fun? How could grocery shopping and fun be even in the same sentence?)

(Beads… like jellies but less fat)

I’m not too sure where this is going but it might be time to enhance my attitude to the grocery shopping. There is a lot of creativity in it….. the route around the shop, packing the trolley and the bags, minimising the number of car trips by making a list. Even the list could be very creative, colour coding, meal coding, shop coding……

Have fun with your groceries, Mairead.