Two Two Two Two Two Two (1890)

(Remember the summer? This is from August.)

I have a lot of things to catch up on, now that my studying is over. So today it was time to ring about the house insurance. My call went straight to hold. Normally it’s not that much fun waiting on hold, but today I was laughing.

(This is July)

This insurance company has a television advert with the Tipperary comedian, Pat Shortt singing a jingle of their phone number. While being an enthusiastic (if not melodic… or tuneful) singer myself I like to keep an eye out for tunes that are impossible to get wrong and since I spent my formative years in Tipperary I can easily “do” the accent. Not everyone likes to hear me sing (possible jealousy issues?) but I have found a captive audience around  the poker table and Pat’s jingle has become my winning theme tune……

(July again)

Anyway, today on hold Pat Shortt was telling me about the great deals I could get, finishing with, “Sure, aren’t you glad you called?” And I was glad.

It’s good to laugh, Mairead.

PS In case you’ve never seen it…