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Merry Christmas!

(Still feeling a bit poorly but struggling on….. Thank you for all the messages of wellness. I’ve read them all and replied to some, will to reply to the rest in next few days.) (Plastic bottle Christmas Tree in Paris) … Continue reading

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Get Well Soon

No blog today…. I’m feeling miserable, I have a cold. The good news is that  a guy called Andrew (with the amazing job title of Happiness Engineer) from WordPress has fixed the technical problems with the comments. So… now you … Continue reading

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The Story of the Camel

(Had no pictures of a camel… this is a pigeon instead) I woke up this morning thinking about this story. It’s from the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche and tells about the three transformations of man. I’m going to paraphrase… In … Continue reading

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Slowing Down

(Paris in December) In case you didn’t know… it’s almost impossible to write when you rush it. Until I sat here thirty minutes ago to write this I didn’t recognise that I was rushing… but I am. So, I could … Continue reading

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The man in Paris

(Reflections) There is a man sitting on a step under the window of our cafe. He smiles at everyone who passes, some smile back. Beside him is a wheelie bag, the kind my mother takes to SuperValu to do her … Continue reading

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The Dream

(Detail from art in the Louvre Metro station) Yesterday, I told you we were all on our journey to our dream. Every time we do what we want we are in training for that dream. Like the Beatles in Hamburg … Continue reading

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The Workshop

(Heart Art) So yesterday I was telling you about my idea to hold a workshop in a small town in the Loire. Today it’s about the workshop. The Dream Reality Workshop – Making your dream a reality even if you … Continue reading

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