Bigger is just bigger

(Knitting and sewing together)

This weekend I promise I will go out and bring the camera and take lots of pictures. I started taking pictures about five years ago and as the years pass the camera gets bigger. Bigger is not necessarily better…. A bigger camera is not as easy to bring along on every trip out of the house.


A photo opportunity can appear at any time, so it’s a bit of a dilemma…. handbag or camera? coat or camera? computer or camera? reading material or camera? writing material or camera?  Then there’s the flash. The camera has been losing out lately and I’ve been taking pictures with my phone.

(Instructions and pins)

My phone is smaller, it’s lighter, it fits in my handbag, it has a notebook and can connect to the internet, it has a make and do magazine to read and it has a built in flash. It doesn’t keep me warm, so I still have to bring my coat. Maybe smaller is better.

Small is the new big, Mairead.