Another busy day…


(Pots and pots and more pots)

I kinda hoped that once my course was over I’d have no more busy days…. But today, I was at the dentist at nine, buying a pair of jeans at ten, on my way to Somatics at eleven, back at two (it’s a long way), having lunch at three (while talking to my sister in Canada, rude but necessary), wrapping presents at four, bringing back overdue library book at five (only saw the letter from the library at four), making dinner at five and a half, eating said dinner at six and a quarter, half-blogging at six and a half, meeting my success team at seven and completing this blog at twelve.


(Up close with willow (the fencing not the dog))

Things will always keep us busy. All that changes is our intention. Unless we set our intention (i.e. consider what we want) then we get the default (i.e. what someone else wants…) My intention at the moment is packing to go to Paris tomorrow! Yes! Paris!

À bientôt, Mairead