Les Invalades


(Les Invalades)

We’re home. It’s been snowing here today and it’s very cold… but at least there’s no queues. On Sunday after our visit to the video game exhibition we went along to Les Invalades. It was built by Napoleon for the soldiers who were injured (and retired) after his wars. It’s a very beautiful group of buildings. It now houses a war museum. As I’d been here before I decided to skip the museum and sit in the warm restaurant while Denis took the audio guide tour.


(Fun and games in the War Museum)

I had my laptop and I had some ideas about a workshop I want to run in a small town in the Loire area of France. As it’s in France it’s easy to recognise why I want to be there but I wasn’t sure why I wanted to bring my workshop there. So I needed time in an inspiring place. The restaurant was more like a canteen so it wasn’t all that inspiring but it didn’t matter, all I needed was my intention…..


(Beautiful building in Le Marais area)

So it turns out the reason I want to bring people to this small town in the Loire is because its a place that has inspired me. Not in the beautiful buildings type of way (although there are some beautiful buildings). Not in the amazing shops kind of way (there are no craft shops!). Not in the luxurious accommodation kind of way (although the beds are comfortable). Instead, I was inspired by the people I met, by their stories and by their courage.


(Door Handle)

Michele runs a small b&b in a very old town house which she is renovating bit by bit. She moved from a comfortable life in England to an uncertain life in France. Although she didn’t know how to make it work, she knew what she wanted. And although she has had moments wondering if this was the right thing to do she held on tight to her dream.

The first step is uncovering what you want, the second is holding on tight, Mairead.

PS more about the workshop tomorrow.