The Dream


(Detail from art in the Louvre Metro station)

Yesterday, I told you we were all on our journey to our dream. Every time we do what we want we are in training for that dream. Like the Beatles in Hamburg we are doing the work now putting in our time in the 10,000 hours university.

But the problem is… most of us are not doing the work now. We want to do it… but we feel guilty doing what we want to do. Back in Liverpool when the Beatles were offered the opportunity to play as much as they wanted in Hamburg, they didn’t say “no, I have to stay here and find a steady job to pay the mortgage”. They said “you bet, when do we start.” And in the end (after lots of hard work) this decision did allow them to pay a mortgage or two.


(Beautiful building….. in Paris)

Another problem is… it’s a lonely road, the one to what you want. Not many people will walk with you towards your crazy dream. Not many people will encourage you to do what you want. Not many people will believe you can succeed that way. Not many people will want you to live that way. So… you’ll have to have courage and….. you’ll have to be willing to look stupid! But…. if you’re lucky, the pull to the life you want will be so strong you won’t care what anyone else thinks.


(Door Knocker)

But whether you’re lucky or not it helps to have a few supporters. On the workshop each participant will become a supporter. They will believe in you when you can’t and they will continue to remind you that what you want is important. It is important.

For now, let me ask you… what do you want to do today? Mairead.