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The bread maker

(Spelt Bread) I was watching a documentary about a Buddhist monk who travels around the world going to different retreat centers teaching break making. He told of how, when he was ten, he went to visit his aunt. She baked … Continue reading

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(Petrol pump attendant on a Paris street) We have a bit of new technology that allows us to pick movies or TV shows or documentaries and watch them anytime on the television. A bit like renting a DVD, except we … Continue reading

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A Day of Rest

(Memories of French breakfast, sigh) Yesterday I was like the Duracell bunny running around outside my comfort zone. Today I’m recharging the batteries. Usually I don’t remember to recharge and instead push myself a bit more until I’m really tired … Continue reading

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The Dream Reality Workshop

Well, I finally got the information together for my workshop in France. The seed of this dream was planted six months ago. Now it’s time to expose it to the world. And that’s not a comfortable thing. All the doubts, … Continue reading

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Look no hands…..

(Self-Driving cars?) This might not be your problem… yet… Just left Denis’ office, he’s engrossed in a Youtube video about some guy who made his car self-driving….. Earlier he called me in, very excited, to tell me about a free on-line … Continue reading

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Step by Step

(The inspiring book) Usually I write the Monday morning blog on a Sunday but I took the weekend off and didn’t touch the computer until this morning. Except…. for a Skype call to the daughter on Sunday night. This last … Continue reading

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Two Wives

(Healthy) I’m reading a book at the moment about a guy who had two wives… accidentally. It’s set in the 1890’s in England, New Zealand and California. Lots going on and I’m riveted, can’t turn off the light at night … Continue reading

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