The Big Trees


(My perfect big tree… “no we can’t stop on the motorway!”)

On the motorway to Cork, there are amazing vistas over the countryside. Hills, valleys, fields, animals, Tipperary mountains flowing into Cork mountains. But my favourite things are the trees. The big old ones with huge trunks and a mass of spider web branches growing out and up into the sky. If the rain stops I’ll take pictures from the car, if not you’ll just have to imagine them.


(Baby big tree)

They are definitely older than me, and as I get older they do too and they definitely get more beautiful. I have no idea what there names are. I don’t mean their genus name, the group name given to them by us humans. I mean their individual names…. You think they don’t have names? Well… why not? They are each very different from one another. In the same way that we are each very different from one another, but sometimes we forget or we think we have to be the same as everyone else. It’s okay to be different. So trees could have individual names…


(Great clouds and one tree… quality issues due to moving vehicle, weather conditions and phone camera)

They inspire me to make a collage of greens and browns and sticks and threads, maybe I will.

In the meantime, I’ll be considering good names for trees, Mairead.