The Christmas Decorations


(Light and dark on New Year’s Day in Cork)

I took down the Christmas decorations yesterday. I had been itching to do it for days, but there’s a “rule”. Yep, they can’t come down until after the 6th of January…. Waiting that long gave me the motivation to really get them out of the way. The very deserved celebration included a visit to a new coffee shop, where ideas and plans for the coming year flowed forth with each bite of a very nice apple and almond scone. So all in all the decorations have been very inspiring or at least their removal has been.


(Amy’s Christmas boots)

So the ideas will soon be on the website and I will be depending on you readers to spread the word about the April workshop in France and the weekly creativity mornings and of course the ongoing Success Teams.


(Tea and blank paper)

Also, we will be touring on the motorbike again. Where to this time? Then there’ll be the visit to my sister and family in Canada, by plane not bike. You can read all about it as it happens here in full Technicolor.

Can’t wait, Mairead.