Gratitude Journal



I’ve started reading Flourishing by Maureen Gaffney and she talks about Gratitude Journaling. Ok you’ve probably heard of a Gratitude Journal before, it’s where at the end of each day or before you start a new day, you write down all the things you’re grateful for.



Things like, had a really lovely lunch, or the full moon or completed 3 things on my to do list. Things that may seem small and would get forgotten if you didn’t write them down. Big things can also go down. Like, won the lottery, blood tests are normal, my child graduated, found the perfect job. But the big things aren’t as important, funnily enough. It’s the small things that deliver the biggest impact, because there’s more of them.



So why write in one? Because noticing what’s a good thing in your day trains you to look out for good things everyday and that’s really useful! Unfortunately, our systems are far more likely to notice the bad things, it goes back to our caveman days. We needed to be aware of the bad dangers all around. Bad stuff could kill us…. dead. Good stuff was nice but not so crucial.

When you start writing in your Gratitude Journal it may seem silly or pointless but it does work and it does make a difference… and it’s free, any old notebook will do.

I’m grateful for your reading, Mairead.