Return of the Accounts



I’ve been doing accounts all day today and I’ll be doing them every day for the next week. There’s a four month backlog because I was doing other things for the last four months. Like my assignments….  and a little bit of procrastination. You may remember how much I dislike doing accounts, so you could assume it was a horrible day with more horrible days to come.

(Wooden Door)

Well… it wasn’t….. something has changed and it’s not so horrible any more. And rather than increasing the difficult, the four month backlog makes the whole thing easier. Having that much data to work on makes it possible to set up an efficient process and stick to it…. surprise, surprise!



Here’s another rule I can break… the rule about it being wrong to leave things until the last minute. If it wasn’t for the last-minute-panic that accompanies leaving things to the last minute my life would probably be perfect.

Maybe I could just let go of the last minute panic, Mairead.