Friday the 13th!


(Happy Birthday, Ciara!)

Many years ago a baby was born and everything changed as two tried to cope with the three. If they had had a book with hints and tips and what not to do with a baby the parents might have known how many mistakes they made. They knew nothing…

They trudged on unknowing and the baby grew and as is the way of these things the baby taught the parents. And the lessons of the baby were not about sleeping and eating, they were about acceptance and presence. Time passed and the lessons of the child were not about reading and writing, they were about being and joy.

And when the child grew to maturity the parents realised they had done nothing to add or subtract from the essence of this person who had arrived as a baby whole and complete into their lives. But to their credit they had provided a safe place for her to wait until it was time to go.

With much love, the parents.

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