Lessons in Accounting


(More beads….. sigh)

I’m still doing the accounts…. Of all the things I do they bring up the most lessons… or so it seems at the moment. You see, something always goes wrong! Well to be honest there are so many numbers and so many little processes that of course something always goes wrong and you have to deal with it. Or to be precise I have to deal with it 🙂

Light and Dark

(Light and Dark)

At the moment I’m taking a break because I realise I did not run a major part of the process four months ago! I definitely meant to. I printed the reports and paid the bill… but I did not run it on the computer system. Just do it now I hear you say….. Too fast. These little things that go wrong usually cannot be solved in a quick way. They require slow, calm, methodical solutions…. at a time when all I want to do is shout Why didn’t you (me) just do it four months ago?


(Trees, close-up… calm)

No answer to that…. so the acceptance begins. I accept it wasn’t done and when I become calm I will be able to solve it or put a plaster on it. Why can’t….? questions are just not helpful. Nope no use. First I have to accept things the way they are and then I can deal with them.

From a table covered in number-filled sheets of white A4 paper, Mairead.

PS the reason I didn’t run the process four months ago was because I was afraid I was doing something wrong… but by not doing it I was doing something wrong! Maybe it’s more useful to do the thing and get it wrong than to not do it at all and get it wrong…..