Two Wives



I’m reading a book at the moment about a guy who had two wives… accidentally. It’s set in the 1890’s in England, New Zealand and California. Lots going on and I’m riveted, can’t turn off the light at night to sleep because I want to find out what’s going to happen next.


(The garden is sleeping)

It’s called The Wives of Henry Oades. It was a surprise find at the recycling centre. Remember the one where I put all the same coloured bottles in the one bottle bank? On that day I was recycling books also (the declutter continues…) and noticed this one. Usually I don’t take a book when I’m already leaving some, but that was a day of firsts.


(Not McDonalds, the Metro)

The idea for the book came from a newspaper cutting about a real Henry Oades and his wives. The author’s mother had originally wanted to write about it but she was too busy bringing up five children. Maybe if there had been another wife, she’d have had the time!

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