Look no hands…..


(Self-Driving cars?)

This might not be your problem… yet… Just left Denis’ office, he’s engrossed in a Youtube video about some guy who made his car self-driving…..

Earlier he called me in, very excited, to tell me about a free on-line course to convert your car so that it could drive itself! I watched while the guy on the screen pressed a button in his car and the car started and began travelling around a car park. The driver was chatting to the camera and his hands were not even near the steering wheel, his feet were not on the pedals and he was not looking at the road.


(And trucks?)

Ok, maybe not a problem for me, if he stays in that car park which seems to be in America… But we have the same make of car as the one in the video and Denis has that “this will be great!” look in his eye……..

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if you need to keep off the roads, Mairead.