A Day of Rest


(Memories of French breakfast, sigh)

Yesterday I was like the Duracell bunny running around outside my comfort zone. Today I’m recharging the batteries. Usually I don’t remember to recharge and instead push myself a bit more until I’m really tired and then there’s no choice but to rest. Choice is useful so today I remembered. There was reflexology (thank you, Molly!) in the morning and now this afternoon there are scones baking in the oven.


(French big trees)

Later this evening the present Success Team will be attending their second meeting. Their homework for this week included writing about their ideal day. This is a first step in uncovering what they want and the more ideal the better because as past teams will remember this piece of writing can sustain you when times get rocky.

Rusty Mirror

(Rusty Mirror)

So to get me into the mood while the scones are baking I’m taking a look at what I wrote for my ideal day homework last January….. There are three pages.. so I’ll synopsise. On my ideal day I live in France and I run workshops! I have a housekeeper/cook who keeps the cupboards and freezer stocked, so I only cook when I want to. He/she doesn’t bake, I bake… and I was very specific… I bake bread, apple tarts and queen cakes. I also make crafts and write every day. And finally, I have a sense of accomplishment. Last January I didn’t write every day, I didn’t think a workshop in France was possible and I didn’t have a sense of accomplishment.

Now…. anyone know a good housekeeper/cook who’ll get the groceries too? Mairead.