The Dream Reality Workshop

Well, I finally got the information together for my workshop in France. The seed of this dream was planted six months ago. Now it’s time to expose it to the world. And that’s not a comfortable thing. All the doubts, all the fears come to the surface. What if….. this is just too crazy? Too silly? Too ill-timed? Too much to expect? Too big? What if….

Then eventually the drive to go for it pushed ahead of my fears. And now it’s exposed and there’s no going back… only step by faltering step forward. Only movement in the direction of my dream. Only action and work. Only a journey…. begun with a seed, a small idea, a wish, a dream, a hope.

All dreams are different and all dreams have a similar process and a similar way of hiding behind our fears and our old beliefs. This is my dream, I am afraid and I am still moving forward…. what’s yours?

All the information is at and here’s a poster…


And onto the next step, Mairead.