Petrol Pump Attendant

(Petrol pump attendant on a Paris street)

We have a bit of new technology that allows us to pick movies or TV shows or documentaries and watch them anytime on the television. A bit like renting a DVD, except we pay once a month and watch as much as we like. I’m hoping it will make me more discerning because I have to choose what to watch. When I turn it on there’s nothing already playing that might captivate me and pass an hour in oblivion. There’s just a menu, and I have to choose something to watch… or turn it off!


(Something to do with gas?)

We’ve taken the bold move to cancel the satellite connection, so very shortly I will not be able to watch the BBC at all and only the following day internet RTE. I will not be able to turn on a news program at one o’clock, six o’clock and nine o’clock (or at any other time) during the day. Instead anytime the humour takes me I can connect via the internet. (If anything important happens, could you let me know, please?)


(Fairy lights)

Now, I will be watching interesting documentaries and episodes of my chosen TV show – all of them in one sitting if I want! There are no ad breaks, no promos for future shows, no competitions to win a holiday, no weather reports. It’s a different way of life but I’m willing to embrace it….. for now.

My choice, Mairead.

PS our satellite company has already rung to offer us a fifty percent reduction in our monthly charges if we come back….

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I live in Ireland☘️ and sometimes travel with my husband in our motorhome. In April 2022 we will be visiting France, Spain and Portugal. I will be writing here.
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