Quick Fix


(The tablecloth in happier times…)

For a while now there’s been a stain on the kitchen tablecloth. It’s one of those plastic coated table cloths that just need a wipe and they’re clean. Unless….you’ve spilled some glue on it. The glue had dried before I wiped, so it didn’t wipe off. Then at the weekend I remembered how nail varnish remover is excellent at removing glue. Well, I remembered it removes glue from glass and I figured it would work the same for plastic……


(Cafe in Paris… they probably have nice tablecloths in there)

Turns out it doesn’t work so well for plastic. No. Now it looks much worse… the nail varnish remover seems to have removed some of the colour and some of the plastic too. Maybe a strategically placed plate will solve the problem? Or maybe if I let the cat sit on the table, that might work. Or I could stick a photograph of the tablecloth over the messy bit.

Maybe I’ll just get another tablecloth.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to fix things, Mairead.