Happy Pancake


(Air bubbles in batter…. essential)

I love pancakes! I love making them and I love eating them. They definitely go on my lovely life list and my list of things I love. Today as I write it’s Pancake Tuesday. In many ways Pancake Tuesday is like a little Christmas. A day for eating all the nice stuff because tomorrow we fast. Or at least that’s how I think it used to be, but no one fasts now. So why is Pancake Tuesday still so great?


(Cracked eggs…. imperative)

When it’s possible to have anything you want it’s very hard to decide what you really want. When you have no choice and you can’t get what you want and there’s probably no possibility of ever getting it… then it’s much easier to decide what you want….


(Pancake…. perfect)

When Pancake Tuesday was the last day for forty days that you could eat something sweet, that tends to focus the mind… on something sweet. So maybe if you’re having difficulty choosing what you want, it might be useful to go on a decision fast… for forty days (or forty hours or maybe forty minutes). And notice where your focus lands.

You have no choices…. now what are you thinking about? Mairead.