Inspiring Spring



The sun is shining through the window as I write and I think this could be spring… or it may be summer. Whichever, it has certainly imbued me with a sense of possibilities, of renewal, of regrowth, of starting again. I had to look that up. Imbued, is defined as, inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality. I love the word inspire, so as I’m on a roll with the dictionary I looked that up too. To fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative. How lovely is that?


(Forest floor)

But inspire also means, to breathe in or inhale! So that reminded me of a CD I’ve been listening to in the car. Finding your Life’s Purpose by Echart Tolle. He’s the one who wrote The Power of Now. Anyway, he says our primary purpose is to be present here and now to whatever we are experiencing in this moment. He uses an example of drinking a glass of water. When we lift the glass of water to take a drink we are usually not experiencing the glass of water but experiencing some thoughts about the glass of water or thoughts about finishing the glass of water or thoughts about what we have to do next.


(Wild mushrooms)

Instead, we could just feel the glass, see the water. Taste the water. Swallow the water. As this might be too difficult to begin with he offers a small step –  check to see if you’re breathing. Just noticing our breathing (without changing it or slowing it down or speeding it up) brings our attention to the present and we inspire!

Have you inspired today? Mairead.