Fibre is Filling.


(Beautiful mushroom)

I’m learning about fibre this week. It’s spring time and I have noticed some of my clothes are a little snug around the middle. So…. it’s time to look into healthy eating… again. When I was clearing out the book shelves I came across a book I had bought a few years ago, Breaking the Food Seduction by Neal Barnard M.D. It explains very simply why I love to fill up on sweet things and how I can help myself to stop.


(Shadows and sunshine)

Turns out fibre has a major role. I know that fibre is important and we should get more of it in our diets, but it just always sounded so boring. Beans, vegetables, fruit , grains like oats and bran, brown rice. Except for the fruit and vegetables, it’s all brown and it’s not sweet, it’s actually very bland. (Ok I know fruits are sweet but not sweet like chocolate or biscuits!) Who could blame me for switching off?


(Up-close to moss)

Well that’s all changed, I’m won over by fibre! The secret I didn’t know… fibre makes it easier to stop eating the sweet things because it fills you up. It’s like using scrunched up brown paper around something fragile to protect it in the post. So I’ve started packing all the good foods I eat with fibre to protect them from my sweet habit. So far my favourite part of the book is fibre but there are loads of other interesting things to help a sugar lover.

Learn to love your fibre, Mairead.