Crows are birds too.


(The old Greystones harbour)

I noticed a sign out on the motorway yesterday saying that Mount User gardens were open again after the winter. That is definitely a sign of spring. So, I’m going to take my camera there and bring back some colour. I have been taking nature for granted most of the winter.


(The old harbour from a distance)

One day last week I noticed a crow looking a little unbalanced because he was carrying a very long branch in his beak. As birds go, I find crows very dull. They can fly but other than that…. And they make a horrible cawing noise and they lack colourful feathers. Seeing the crow with the long branch was the fist time I thought of crows as cute. They’re birds too, just bigger. That particular crow was collecting branches for his nest, big nest.


(The old harbour from very far away!)

So that got me thinking… what else am I missing/ignoring/taking for granted? And what am I judging by the colour of its feathers? The things we miss or ignore or take for granted can be related to our normal thinking. The same is true of our judgements. What we judge as wrong or bad or even good might just be something we grew up believing was wrong or bad or good.

What’s wrong? Mairead.