More normal thinking.


(Library pictures….. meat….)

I have always been a carnivore. My normal thinking around it would be: To survive a human needs to eat meat (almost) every day. While I have often considered eating less meat, my normal thinking told me I would not survive. Eating less meat is a fine aspiration but hardly worth my survival!


(… possibly salmon….)

To be clear, I wasn’t exactly conscious of my normal thinking around survival and meat – I know it’s incorrect. I’m related to at least four vegetarians (hello Kate, Liam, Aidan and Rory!) and they have survived life without meat, two of them for their entire lives. That’s the thing about normal thinking – even when we know it’s incorrect we still believe it…..


(… prawns?)

So, I thought I might give it a try – life without meat. And it’s going remarkably well. For one thing, I am surviving – useful. For another, I do not miss meat, even a little. For another, I love chopping vegetables, and I use the same chopping board with raw and cooked! For another, I’m packing more fibre into my day. All in all, it’s been fun.

Go vegetables, Mairead.