I Like Change!


( Placemat pattern)

I have taken a writing break and what a great break it was! I’m back and nothing has changed…. In general most people say they hate change. But maybe it’s forced change they hate? Because every day, every moment we are alive we are changing. Our cells change, the air in our body changes, the beat of our heart changes, we change.


(Salt and pepper pattern)

Forced change on the other hand is when something outside of ourselves tells us, or forces us, to change. The redundancy, the cholesterol test, the BIG birthday. Well, who wouldn’t hate being forced?


(Spring pattern)

Since last writing I’ve been enjoying the other change – organic change. With organic change you notice something. Something catches your attention. You are drawn towards something. The “drawn towards it” is very gentle, very graceful. And it is also change – organic change. It’s slow, it has the pace of a snail but a snail with the occasional ability to fly. I am drawn towards writing in this snail-like way and I like this change, this organic change..

Organic Change Rocks!