Today was a bit slow……


(Vegetables for the lasagna)

As I write it’s nearly time for bed and I’m not so sure I’m going to have something to write about. Today I made a vegetarian lasagna. Today I went to the shop. Today I read the internet (someone has to…) Today I fed the cats. Today I took a picture… of my dinner. Today I talked on the phone. Today I wrote a few texts. Today I read a few emails. Today I searched for a form. Today I ate some sun-dried pesto. Today I was doing nothing else I picked up my phone to read some tweets. Today I watched Nurse Jackie (on Netflix). Today I listened to Denis (someone has to…)


(Scones… should have baked scones today)

Yep nothing here, unless…. Today I provided nourishment. Today I kept the economy turning. Today I became a funnel for some information, electronically. Today I cared for the animals. Today I created something. Today I communicated by wire. Today I connected without wire. Today I took care of business. Today I organised a disorganised sheaf of important papers. Today I gave my body food. Today I found out what some people I don’t know are doing. Today I saw how much more complicated my life could be. Today I was here and available and quiet.


(A potato day)

Ok, not much, but slow days do provide the background for the big, fast, exciting days. Metaphorically speaking they are the rice for the curry or the potatoes for the bacon and cabbage.

I like exciting days but I need slow days too, Mairead.