Talking out loud to no one listening.

(Harvesting berries)

What a different kind of day – today the sun shone! It does seem to change everything or at least it changes my attitude, my frame of mind, like a frame changes a picture. So I was able to hunt and gathered today… well not really hunt. But I definitely gathered – raspberries and eggs. Successful on both fronts. The rain seems to have given the raspberries a bit of a boost because I hadn’t seen any yesterday and today there were loads… well, more than 100! They’re all in the freezer waiting for the jam maker. And I now have enough eggs for pancakes, I intend to make them tomorrow, possibly for breakfast, yum.


As I type one of the cats is sitting on my knee with his chin on my arm, not the most comfortable position for typing but very cute! He did the same thing yesterday so maybe this is something he does all the time with his humans. Sometimes when he puts up his paw to wash it I think he’s going to start editing what I’m typing. SO cute.

(Synchronised hen walking)

When I arrived here I noticed the peace and quiet and was very happy, but now I’ve started doing weird things. I’ve started turning on the radio (not too weird); when anyone rings on the phone (even a wrong number) I seem to be trying to keep them on the line a bit longer (kinda weird?);  and I’m talking to the cats and the hens (too weird?) The cats are ignoring me but the hens are beginning to follow me. Well to be honest at first they were running away from me, I’d sneak up on them pretending I was taking a picture but really I was just looking for a chat but they’d scatter. In case you didn’t know it, hens can’t run very fast and it’s kinda comical when they try because while their feet are lifting their heads are nodding. The two hens have a way of synchronising their movements so it looks like they’re dancing – probably to distract me because when I start laughing I give up trying to get near them!

(Can’t remember what these are?)

Maybe I’ll try talking to the fish tomorrow, they already look quite excited every time I approach their bowl…. oh maybe its time to feed them!

Hello! Anyone there? Mairead.