Taking the tour bus to Toronto

30 8e

(Are you sure it’s ok to park here?)

We went to Toronto yesterday. We decided not to rent a car until next week so we had to take the bus…. not really… Very short bus, only takes six and unusually we knew the driver. It turns out Doris loves Toronto so… she became our bus driver for the day. Ok, it was a car but it had the same privileges as a bus. It could stop anywhere and the passengers could all get out to take photos… so we did. We made a quick stop at Casa Loma, a castle built by a rich Canadian in 1911.

30 8aa

(Castle Casa Loma)

We stopped at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) – both entrances.

30 8bb

(ROM new part called the crystal)

30 8c

(Rom original entrance)

We stopped at the house of the governor…. I think.

30 8d

(I think this is the governor of Ontario’s house)

Then we went downtown, where the buildings are modern and tall.

30 8f

(One of these was the tallest building for a while)

Then we went to St. Lawrence’s Market for lunch…

30 8g

(This is a sandwich!)

The downtown buildings pale in comparison to the height of the CN Tower. It’s 1,815 feet tall;  we parked the car and went up there. The lift up to the observation deck travels at 15 miles an hour and it’s on the outside and it has glass doors. We had the best spot right beside the door…. but no pictures – using my hands instead to pry my eyes open.

30 8h

(CN Tower from Front Street West)

30 8i

(It wouldn’t fit in my view finder)

Afterwards we walked around the outside of the tower tied to ropes…..

30 8j

(Ok it wasn’t us…. )

It is possible to walk around the outside of the tower with only a rope protecting you from gravity… but we had to go to dinner… at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

30 8k

(It’s all included – for the price of your main course (around $12) you also get salad starter, yummy ice cream called Spidona and tea or coffee)

And then off home to bed…

30 8l

(Driving home in Toronto at 8pm last night)

Today we will rest, Mairead.