Canada, the summary…

Day 1 Leaving Dublin.

18 9a

(Waiting to board our plane to Toronto)

Day 2 The CNE (Canadian National Exhibition.)

18 9b

(The Sky Ride at the CNE)

Day 3 Resting and remembering our Tiki Float.

18 9c

(Our team of bead throwers for the CNE Parade)

Day 4 Trip to the Mall (maul.)

18 9d

(Outside the Georgian Mall)

Day 5 Trip to Toronto.

18 9f

(The view from the balcony of the CN Tower Toronto, the wire mesh for safety)

Day 6 Trip to the Library…..

18 9e

(Very useful book!)

and the beach.

18 9g

(The beach)

Day 7 Road Trip to Sault Saint Marie.

18 9h

(All set with Timmy’s, water, blanket and crochet)

Day 8 Train to Agawa Canyon.

18 9i

(Our train)

Day 8 Road trip home to Barrie.

18 9j

(Stop for water and ice cream on the way home)

Day 9 Resting with the squirrels.

18 9k

(We spotted this squirrel running along the garden fences with a monkey nut in his mouth)

Day 10 Rainy day road trip to Niagara Falls.

18 9l

(Thunder and lightning near Toronto)

Day 11 Niagara Falls in the Maid of the Mist.

18 9m

(View from our boat of the boat in front about to get very wet)

Day 12 Breakfast at Timmy’s before trip to the power station and Niagara on the Lake.

18 9n

(Porridge with berries and filter coffee, nice)

Day 13 Medieval Times in Toronto.

18 9o

(Knights and food eaten with fingers)

Day 14 Saying goodbye to family and Canada.

18 9p

(Denis says the car rolled over his toe…..)

Still a bit tired… Mairead.