Watch La Luna by Pixar!


(Butterfly on lavender at Powerscourt Estate)

I watched a beautiful short movie on Sunday… here’s the blurb about it. There’s a little boy, his father and his grandfather and they are out in their boat. In the beginning of the movie the father gives his son a hat, the same kind of hat as the father’s, the same kind of hat as the grandfather’s. The father places this hat on the son, in a particular way – just like his own hat is placed on his head. The grandfather huffs and puffs, grabs the hat and then places it on his grandson’s head in a different particular way – just like his own hat is placed on his head.

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(Gothic doorway)

There’s a bit of a scuffle and the father’s way of placing the hat on the little boy’s head finally wins and the story continues.

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(Raindrops on flowers… requested by Grahame…..;-/)

By the end of the story the little boy places his hat in a completely different particular way on his own head as he teaches his father and grandfather something new. Our children learn all they can from us and then there comes a time for us to learn from our children. Probably sooner than we think…..

What’s the lesson for today? Mairead.

2 thoughts on “Watch La Luna by Pixar!

  1. Hi Mairead, I’ve seen that film too. Indeed it was was beautiful. I loved the brushes used by the Grandfather and Father which reflected each of their mustaches. I also loved the idea of sweeping the moon. It reminded me of the nursery rhyme about the old woman tossed up in a basket who was going to sweep the cobwebs off the sky. Thanks for reminding me about the film.

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