We’re off……

Hello world, I’m back… and we’re off to Italy. As I write we’re sitting at a table on the boat to Holyhead. I got the departure time wrong but not too wrong. As we tied down the bike on deck 5, the loading door rumbled shut. Very close. Later today we have a six hour ride to Harwich in Essex and then another ferry tonight to The Netherlands but first…. breakfast.

17 01

(Happy Denis)

It was raining very heavily as we left Greystones and it continued all the way to Dublin Port, so our rainproof gear is sopping – not a problem for us but the next people to sit on these seats will wonder….

17 02

(Very wet outside)

We will arrive in a place called Hook of Holland tomorrow morning and begin a three day journey to Venice. We will pass through the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. We will stay for five days in Venice and then move on to Florence. We will also visit Siena. (Maybe we need more time?) And we’re taking you along with us, so rest up because soon I’ll be asking for your help in 1.Recommending places to visit and 2.Learning some easy Italian… (you may remember from a previous visit to this beautiful language that I tend to use my hands and arms more than my words…. a form of communication no doubt!)

17 03

(Denis will be rating coffee along the way… this one gets a Blah)

Until next time, Mairead.

10 thoughts on “We’re off……

  1. Looking forward to the next stage of your journey .. you must have gone past me by now I am in Northampton .. All the best ..

  2. Saw the photo and thought you were at a Tim’s having a hot chocolate!!!! 🙂 Have wonderful time, and write lots! Love your blogs. Denis looks over the moon with breakfast. Then again it is probably the first hot brekky he has had made for him in quite some time 😉

    1. Hello Lovely Man!
      Tell Timmy we miss him 😉 Yes, you got the measure of Denis!

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