First stop….. McDonalds

We’re in McDonalds! Now… it’s not what you think…. we’re not eating (well unless you count the Applepunt – possibly an apple tart?) It’s the Wi-Fi we’re after.


(We’re saved!)

We arrived at our overnight ferry in plenty of time last night – at 7.30pm for a midnight sailing. They allow you to board 3 hours before sailing to avail of their great food! Yes, great food on a ferry. Unfortunately I was too hungry and tired to take any photos so you’ll just have to take my word for it. I had scampi and Denis had catfish (or possibly pollack!) There was something wrong with their satellite so no wifi. Denis is working as we go so no wifi is worrying. Hence straight off the ferry we head to McDonalds.


(Lots of greenhouses in Holland)

Throughout France on previous trips we have availed of their free wifi but had no idea if it was available in the Netherlands – it is. And it’s fast! So the sun is shining, the work is getting done and the Applepunt is warm. The weather is warm and sunny, the people are friendly and the music is bubbly, we’ll be here for about twenty minutes.  Life is good.


(Coffee rating? Hmmmmm)

We’re off to a place called Halsenbach in Germany next.

Until then, Mairead.