We’re in Germany!

Right so, you might remember the rain-soaked day we left Ireland? Where the moisture dripped from our clothes and our helmets? Well, the moisture is back but now it’s on the inside – I’m perspiring and Denis is sweating. It reached a high of 36 degrees (Celsius) today. We packed lightly… except for warm bike gear which we wore, which we were still wearing until half an hour ago. Now we have to find a strong bag to wrap it all up in and tie it to the top of one of the panniers (there’s no room inside!)


(Very hot sun – very good for growing flowers and food…. not relationships)

Stress levels are high after nine hours on the hot road and there’s talk of irregularities with the planning. I did the planning… might have underestimated the effort involved in getting to Italy in four days….. might be a little frosty (not the weather) around here for the next few days.


(More sun)

So, in an effort to jolly things up a bit as we rode silently along I started thinking about all the things I’ve under appreciated about living in a wet, damp country….. the temperature (how bad is 13 degrees?), an overcast day (we all need an excuse to sit by the telly), the soft rain (yet again Isabel you are right! (Isabel is from Spain)), the smell of wet footpaths (who doesn’t love that?)

18 06f

(Cute little windmill on road to Germany)

Starting to feel a bit better already. Maybe it’s the warm shower and the cold beer?

Until tomorrow, Mairead.

10 thoughts on “We’re in Germany!

    1. There’s an old NeuroLingustic Programming saying… “The map is not the territory.” I seem to have forgotten that! Thanks for the reminder Grahame, I can use that, mmmm…

  1. I asked your hubby , if you did long runs on the back of the bike , “naw journeys of an hour or so ” he said, ……. 9 hours!!!!!

    great photos

    1. Yes, he often says that… what he means is, we go for an hour, we stop for fifteen minutes, we get back on and go for the next hour…. on and on and on! But to be honest here this one was down to me – I did the planning. Might need to get a more realistic map 😉

  2. Hi,good people so glad you are having such a great time rather you than me on that mode of. Transport. Enjoy as you go.

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