This is Venice

Well we’ve finally arrived, this is Venice.

22 06c

(Our first sight… so familiar)

We took a local bus to the island (well not exactly an island, it’s joined by a bridge to the mainland) and within two minutes of getting off we were taking pictures of familiar scenes. It’s exactly what you’ve ever seen on TV or in magazines. Exactly and it’s beautiful. And it’s surprising. Yesterday was Friday and there were a lot of people around but there’s plenty of space for them. It’s a pedestrians paradise, no cars, no bikes, no scooters, even no motorbikes! No waiting to cross the road… well, the road is a river so no waiting to cross because there’s a bridge or two for that.

22 06e

(Everything, everything has to travel on water)

We have four days here so we just wandered. Wandered down by the river, picking this lane way or that, coming to a little plaza and thinking it was a dead-end only to find there was a narrow alley hidden on the other side. Oh and the shade, wonderful shade from the tall buildings and the breeze, wonderful breezes from the sea. By the way, I was a little concerned that there might be a bad smell –  there isn’t,  just the smell of sea water – nice.

22 06f


As we were wandering we came to a bus stop (bus that goes on water – very biblical) and decided to check out the busses. There was a lady in front using the machine but having a problem with it. She allowed Denis go ahead of her. She spoke English so I took the opportunity to use my best language. It turned out she lived in Canada! Hello Canada people! She was on a school reunion with some friends and was taking time out to visit the modern art exhibition which her friends thought was a crazy thing to do with all the old art in Venice! Anyway, we chatted until the bus came and then we got on together. We were just starting to enjoy the spin when our new friend realise we had all forgotten to validate our tickets. We thought “oh dear, does that mean we will get to use these tickets again?” Our friend thought, “there’s a huge fine!”

22 06i

(Example of a small alley. What looks like graffiti on the left is actually directions to St. Mark’s square!)

Now, it was a genuine mistake (no, really it was!) and I was remembering my charming (!) way with the waiter the day before… so we weren’t too worried. Until our new friend pointed out the inspector that had just got on – oops. She disappeared – fair-weather friend! We hung tight, Denis considering, me shining up my charm offensive. There was a bit of a kerfuffle at the next stop (throwing someone without a ticket off the bus?) and when we started again our friend had returned and the inspector had disappeared….. (have you heard of the opera Death in Venice?)

22 06j

(We’re saving our Gondola ride for a day without cameras or photos)

It turned out she had got off at that stop, validated her ticket and got back on… what a good idea. We hadn’t so we were left with the burden of having to use our ticket later for another bus journey… mmmm.

All is well here in Venice, Mairead

4 thoughts on “This is Venice

  1. Would have thought your Canadian “friend” would have given you the suggestion to do the same. Oh well I’m sure your photos will be posted as the newest perpetrators of the “Italian Job” 🙂 I’ve always heard horror stories about the odour and dirtiness of Venice. Wonderful to read that isn’t the case (all of the time anyways). How far out of town are you and what is your B and B like??

  2. What’cha mean “”friend””, were you talking to her? She hasn’t returned our numerous calls. She said we could stay with her next time we’re in Canada. About the ticket…. shush Grahame! she must have known we had a better plan…. We are 15 minutes by “real” bus from the city on water. It’s lovely, immaculately clean, bed huge and comfortable. Bug nets on windows – so I can sleep bite-free with open windows! And nice people, they even drove me to the only Sunday-open pharmacy in the area and translated my needs! Are you considering Venice next time?

  3. We consider everywhere Mairead Venice is a place we have always wanted to visit, but have heard stories of it being extremely costly to stay (assuming that is in town) and never considered what you are doing. While we can we want to see as much of the world as possible. When are you coming back over here? Tell Denis the wifi is good. Btw Doris went to do the Edgewalk. The CN tower cancelled due to lightning. I told her she was a coward 😉 redoing it July 20th. Photos will follow. Enjoy!!!!!!!

  4. Yes we heard about the lightening! She is a brave woman! Definitely want photos. No plans for Canada as yet… one year at a time 🙂

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