Today is Wednesday, it must be Florence…..

We had a very pleasant trip down from Venice to Florence yesterday, the temperature was just right and the traffic was light and the scenery was very pretty. Then we got to the city. Fast traffic, hot sun and little scooters nipping in and out of every available space on the narrow roads, while their riders talked on the phone! I need a lie down just thinking about it…. Needless to say no photos, I needed both hands to hang on tight while I prayed fervently.

26 06d

(Look at those great clouds. About 45km from Florence)

But it’s all okay now, we did arrive at our new accommodation, safely. A large-sized bed sit with its own little garden on the edge of Florence. Another Airbnb find and the host has gone off to stay with a friend while we live in her very comfortable home. I on the other hand am not so comfortable. Got great mail from Susanna about mosquitos and Florence but by the time I had opened it the little angels had done their worst 😦 I anticipate more fervent praying….

26 06b

(And great shade)

So lets remember the good times in Venice! Forgot to mention yesterday that we did take a Gondola ride. It was eighty euros for thirty-five minutes but we didn’t pay that! We were standing around at a busy Gondola pick up point, trying to work out how to attract the attention of the guy in charge when Miranda spotted us. She was with her boyfriend, both in their early twenties, both from China. Turned out they wanted the same thing we wanted – a good deal! She was very determined and had the whole deal sorted while we followed her around!

26 06g

(Traffic jam on a side canal)

There was a bit of a traffic jam at the beginning but eventually we arrived at the grand canal and the Gondolier started to point out the Mayor’s house and Venice’s seven star hotel (maybe next time?) It was at this point that Miranda leaned across to take a picture and our gondolier commanded “No moving around, I need balance.” Up to then I had accepted that he knew what he was doing and all the rocking from side to side didn’t mean I was going to end up in the water, now…. I wasn’t so sure. We all kept very still after that. And I took a little look around (just moving my eyes not my body) to spot the life jackets, maybe they were under the seats?

26 06h

(Miranda took our picture. Look at the Gondolier in the background – they all use their legs to push away from the walls)

You see it’s a very precise thing the gondolier is doing, it looks easy enough, because they make it look easy but it’s not so easy. And it made me think about living in balance and how that might take a long time to achieve and may look very easy from the outside but it’s always a work in progress. So what’s that all about?

26 06i

(Perfect balance)

From itchy Florence, Mairead.

4 thoughts on “Today is Wednesday, it must be Florence…..

    1. In spite of my incredible discomfort I am still going to reply to you… I think it’s because we are sweet!!!!! And you do know we have good blood, don’t you? It’s blue – from royal Vikings? We don’t like to brag, but the mossies recognise it. The major swelling and discomfort is a small price to pay for our high breeding……

  1. Fiona says: “Nice to see Denis in Venice!” … we haven’t come up with a Mairead rhyme yet.
    The trip looks fantastic!

    1. You might be at a bit of a disadvantage…. pronouncing Mairead? Here’s a tip – it’s like parade with an M!

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