Bit stormy around here…..


(Red Leaves)

Lots of family stuff going on here at the moment. Lots of transitions. Lots of new lessons. Lots of getting used to new situations which seem like old situations… but are not really, exactly the same… possibly. None of which I can explain to you (official secrets act – better you don’t know so they can’t get it out of you) so I’ll go on to talk about something else but you’ll know I’m not talking about what I seem to be talking about… I’ll be talking about the other stuff. Understood? Great, then I’ll begin.


(Yellow moss)

That was very stormy weather we had at the weekend, wasn’t it? Denis and I took a long drive, just the two of us, on Saturday. The wind was so strong it made driving a little difficult, not to mention the rain making visibility difficulty. We had a lot to talk about. I spoke first, making sure I said lots to make myself understood. With the noise of the prevailing winds that often meant I was speaking LOUDLY. Then it was Denis’ turn. I needed to interrupt him a few times to make sure he was on the same wavelength as me. (There was no actual waves and we didn’t have the radio on, at all.) Then there was some silence, a few compromise sentences and some more silence. And laughter. Oh how we laughed. (Not really.)


(Grey bark)

Then we had arrived at a place to have a nice cup of coffee. We had never been there before so there was a lot to look at, besides each other. The rain stopped. The sun started to come out and we made our way home. The driving, the visibility and the noise had reduced so we both were able to speak at normal volume. And we laughed. (Yep, really.) Sometimes it gets stormy, making communication difficult, but eventually the wind dies down.


(Old door)

Gosh, it’s great to share, Mairead.