Connecting among the Falling Leaves


(The avenue)

I went for a little walk today along the avenue of Powerscourt House near Enniskerry. I had driven along it on Saturday afternoon and was open-mouthed at the beauty and camera-less. So I returned this morning and brought the camera. First I had a little tea and a doodle in my art journal and then I returned to the car to pick up the camera.


(Big trees with green moss)

As I was walking towards the avenue I nearly bumped into a lady taking a picture. We commented on the beautiful day, the colours and life in general and went off in different directions, both of us smiling. After a while I passed a couple of men and even though they were on the other side of the road they both waved. I was wearing my best purple coat and my good boots but that wasn’t the reason. They were carrying cameras and noticed I was too. We were connected.


(Close up of the dead leaves… sigh)

This used to happen all the time when Denis and I were travelling on the bike, no matter where we were or how slow or fast we were travelling as soon as another bike passed we all waved. It used to happen when I wheeling the pram too, other mothers with their babies gravitated towards me and my pram.


(Sunlight coming through the fence)

It’s funny how we all seem to want to connect and having a common passion gives us the permission… to wave, to smile or to stop and chat. It’s another reason why following your passion or your bliss is such a good idea. I was so content after my walk and connect and picture-taking that I returned to the restaurant for lunch. I was joined by a couple of birds, we connected over breadcrumbs.


(This is one of the birds, I know he looks like a common crow but up close he was lovely. Look at the very short feathers on his head, they were shiny like a shampoo ad, his beak was about two inches long)

Connecting the dots, Mairead.

One thought on “Connecting among the Falling Leaves

  1. Crow is beautiful, so still and shining with a smile in his eyes. As I can’t get out to walk these mornings your images bring to me the beauty and the thrill of walking through the crunchy autumn leaves.
    Thank you

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