Newspaper and Coffee


(Newspaper cutting.. just noticed – she’s a Hennessy!)

I’ve been buying the weekend Irish Times for the past two weeks because we’re working on an exercise called Newspaper and Coffee. It requires lots of newspaper, a scissors, some glue and strong coffee. But as the newspaper doesn’t survive the exercise in a readable form I’ve been scanning any articles I want to read or pass on and cutting them out.Today I wondered Isn’t this something ladies of a certain age do?


(The aftermath)

I had found a great article about someone who will be setting up a vintage market in Smithfield, Dublin for one day only on the 8th of December, she sells the clothes by weight… interesting. Know at least three people who might be interested in that. Then there was the ice water swimmer (it’s a thing) who had a lovely quote about needing the opinions of others. I’ll keep that for myself…


(Ice swimmer’s quote)

I love newspapers, especially ones with dense print. I love holding them, cutting them, glueing them and of course reading little bits out of them. I love when they go yellow. I love when I find an old piece stuck inside a photo frame or lining a drawer. A whisper from the past. When I was a child my parents used to buy the Irish Independent newspaper every day, maybe my love of newspaper is related to that.

So, that certain age must be childhood then, Mairead.