Excuse me, turn around now, you forgot this!


(The last of the Powerscourt pictures)

The chances of getting a blog out today are very slim…. I don’t have any story for you… usually at this point a story pops out… I SAID A STORY POPS OUT… Oh, ok the only one popping out is about Tesco…. the supermarket… it’s not great so if you’ve anything else to do, off you go.


(Love the sunlight falling on the branches)

Today was one of the days for grocery shopping. Days because I’ve had to increase the frequency from one to two due to the popularity of food at our house. (I just mean the son eats breakfast, lunch and dinner with us and so we seem to need more food, more regularly.) Anyway, I was getting the ingredients for Pesto Pasta (pesto and pasta… and some green beans.) This is one of Denis’s specialities and he always does enough for two days so I needed to get two tubs of pesto (your weren’t thinking he made the pesto, were you?)


(Yellow and orange)

So I put the two tubs into my trolley along with the other things on my list and proceeded to the checkout. There was a small queue but it was soon my turn. The girl scanned my things and I packed everything into my bags, which I had remembered to bring in from the car, yaa. I paid and turned to leave. As I was walking away I got this feeling that I had forgotten something. I even imagined the person behind me in the queue running after me to hand me something I had left at the till.


(Today’s quote)

Weird, right? Yes. Too weird to turn around and check? Yes. Unfortunately. Anyway, I put the weird imagining out of my mind and drove home. While unpacking the bags I found one tub of pesto…. yep, just one…. Not so weird now? No. I un-squished the till receipt and yes I had bought two tubs of pesto…

So, I have extra sensory powers then, but not enough pesto, Mairead.

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