Top Floor in Krakow.


22 05a

(Our little balcony)

We’re going on a tour today so this will be short. When I was choosing a place to stay in Krakow I used Airbnb again and our host did mention five flights of stairs and no lift, but I thought by the time we had arrived in Prague we would be well able for five flights… We shouldn’t have used the lift so much in Prague… and maybe not the metro either…. and that time we got the tram we should have walked…

22 05c

(Our view west)

When we arrived the first evening from the train with all our bags I realised I had forgotten to tell Denis about the lift. or lack of it. So it was a bit of a surprise for him when the stairs went on and on. Since then it’s been getting easier. And being on top of the building is worth the effort, for one thing I have a great view of a stationery shop (fancy paper, ribbons, potential craft supplies) we spotted on the first evening. I keep forgetting it’s there when I’m on the ground so it calls to me when I up top. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be on the ground when I remember.

22 05d

(That little window on the ground floor is my stationery shop)

One of the reasons the stairs is getting easier is that I know what to expect now. I know there are ten landings to stop on if I need to. I know on the second last flight of stairs there are two bikes chained to the bannister (how I love when those bike come into view) I know it doesn’t last forever, I will soon reach our door. It’s reassuring to be so convinced of the outcome.

From the fifth floor, Mairead.

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