Café Crawling in Budapest

30 05b

(This is a book shop with a cafe…)

We went walking very early this morning to begin our tour of the cafés. There’s a lot. Budapest is famous for it’s cafe culture dating back to the time of the Turkish invasion in the 1600’s (I looked that up) They were the perfect place for artists, poets, writers and revolutionaries. So nothing new then…

30 05a

(This is one of the traditional Hungarian cafés – Müvész)

I was going for the ambiance (read cake) Denis was going for the coffee. We’re both a little hyper now and have proved the saying, too much of a good thing etc. Anyway, we got some pictures along the way so not all bad.

30 05d

(Another traditional – Gerbeaud. I had a great salmon and cream cheese baguette here)

We’re going home tomorrow morning and due to a technical oversight (didn’t notice the very very early flight departure time) on my part, we will be getting the airport shuttle bus at 4am. So, I’ll be writing tomorrow’s blog under the influence of sleep deprivation. Just to warn you, I might continue to be grumpy for a while…. so don’t say hello to me if you meet me during the next few days.

30 05h

(This is McDonalds… almost. This is a railway station and McDonalds is right beside it in an identical building. We were just passing)

30 05x

(Inside the railway station)

I’m not ready to come home yet, Mairead.